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The son also rises: An interview with Victor Sid Consunji

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Victor Consunji, the eldest son of tycoon Isidro “Sid” Consunji, takes the mic and talks about his role in the family’s sprawling engineering conglomerate DMCI Holdings.

We are in Cebu for a press briefing and I ask him what he is doing for the family business.

He talks about a plan to develop a resort in Laguna, one that could utilize the famed hot springs of the tempestuous Maria Makiling.

Sitting across the table, his father quizzes him with more questions and Vic responds diligently. It’s obvious he knows what he’s doing.

It’s easy to think that the 42-year old real estate scion would just party like there’s no tomorrow and just wait for the golden eggs from the family empire.

His nickname “Bugoy”, in fact, connotes a notoriety of sorts in Pinoyspeak. He also doesn’t look like the typical business executive, at least that day I met him. He does look a bit bugoy, with around 13 tattoos all over his buffed body.

Of course, his father is also known to break stereotypes. Sid, the chairman of DMCI, is perhaps the only tycoon in the country who can hatch billion dollar deals in shorts and slippers.

In real life, Vic is already juggling his time between running his own construction company V Consunji Inc. and fulfilling his duties in the conglomerate. He also runs extreme races around the world.

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