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What is M Residences?

M Residences is a unique collection of luxury homes that feature modern and thoughtful architecture, spacious rooms, sustainable design, and fully customizable layouts.

What is M Residences vision?

VCDC specializes in single-family homes and low-density, private, and gated neighborhoods. Its vision for M Residences is simple: reimagine modern living and provide urban families an alternative to expensive, cramped condos with bigger spaces, flexible building options, and superior design – at attainable prices.

How is M Residences by VCDC different from its competitors?

Condos and city houses can be expensive, “set in stone,” and without much room for renovation. M Residences differs here — the homes are near the city but not in the city, offering access to the urban sprawl yet enough distance to gently disconnect and relax with family.

Will you provide interior design and remodeling consultation?

Yes. We’ll meet with you to discuss what can be done to customize the floor plan. Then, our Interior Design Team will re-layout the unit accordingly — all design recommendations for your consideration.

Up to how many floors can I build in M Residences?

Typically, 4 to 5 floors 

Can I combine lots?

Yes. You can purchase and combine more than one lot and build a house, pool, garden, and more on the premises.

Who is behind the architectural design?

Archion Architects

Who is the structural engineer?

Gruppo Struktura, Inc.

How soon can I move in?

It depends on your chosen phase lot. We can check the availability when you visit our site.

What is VCDC mission?

To provide thoughtfully-designed contemporary homes made for today and ready for the future.

Does M Residences have car garage?

Yes. Entry level model house offers 2 carports maximum of 5 depending on customization

How do you describe the aesthetic style of M Residences?

Solid, rectangular walls. Spacious, cantilevered balconies with glowing, recessed lights. Desert-sand wood panels subtly contrasting the Mediterranean white walls. Strategically-placed large windows, allowing natural light deep into the home.

Who is the Developer?

Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC) offers an innovative concept in real estate development uniquely positioned at the intersection of quality, value and design.

VCDC takes on craftsman-like pride in realizing its clients’ needs, a vision driven by its founder Victor Consunji. Before embracing his role at the helm of VCDC, Victor gained industry experience at the family-owned D.M. Consunji, Inc (DMCI), one of the Philippines’ leading construction companies established by his grandfather, David Consunji. Here, he was exposed to the business traits of accountability, sustainability and customer focus—values that VCDC share today.

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