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Premium real estate developer makes ‘luxury sustainability’ even more possible


Aware of the huge impact of construction and development on the environment, Victor Consunji Development Corporation has endeavored to make all its project sustainable since the beginning.

Even after building a reputation as a niche developer of luxury homes and some of the most coveted real estate development projects in the country, Victor Consunji Development Corp. (VCDC) is not about to rest on its laurels. And despite the supposed slowdown brought about by the pandemic on countless number of industries, the company is now incorporating an integral addition to its development that will produce more benefits for homeowners and the environment.

“The drive toward sustainability is at the core of our developments way back when we started. For instance, the structural integrity of our houses guarantees stability and safety with less maintenance as possible. Our houses are built on solid foundations to outlast any natural calamity, especially here in the Philippines. The building materials are fireproof, termite-resistant and use less amount of wood, making homes easy to handle and environment-friendly. That is how we can ensure our homeowners that their houses are built to last for generations,” says Victor Consunji, CEO of VCDC.

VCDC is aware of the huge impact of construction and development to the environment. That’s why the company makes sure to implement green practices that are widely implemented and meet the best-of-world standards. Discerning the demand for sustainable houses in the premium and luxury market, VCDC strives to strengthen its developments by incorporating energy efficiency and having the least possible negative impact on the environment.

VCDC’s commitment to the environment proactively led to the recent partnership with Renesource, a company that would further enhance its mission to advance sustainability, empowering Filipino homeowners and businesses to lower their carbon footprints, as well as their energy costs.

Victor, CEO of Victor Consunji Development Corp.

“Our clients have always appreciated living in our communities, given they were designed to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. During the lockdowns, when the daily activity of human beings was greatly reduced, nature flourished and that really underscored the impact that we have on our ecosystems. Our partnership with Renesource couldn’t have come at a better time.” Says Consunji.

“Renesource will not only help us gradually eradicate the carbon footprint of our construction activities, but will also help us integrate technology that will make ownership of our properties more sustainable. They will also help us educate our home buyers that not only will there be monthly cost savings from these initiatives, but an increase in the value of their investments. As we integrate solar energy and other eco-friendly features into our developments, we will continue to evolve the definition of luxury sustainability,” he adds.

Renesource provides residential and commercial consumers with high quality, cost-effective solar systems, yielding more than 25 percent of returns per year on average based on self-consumption savings.

Renesource also assesses the financial viability and risks of major solar infrastructure projects, engaging with its clients from the start of land development, right through to the finish of construction and into the operations and maintenance phase. The company offers turn-key EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) solutions for rooftop installations as well as utility scale solar farms. The hallmark of the dedicated team is using top-quality materials and world-class engineering expertise, paired with local design and integration experience.

The expertise, credibility and wide network worldwide of Renesource are among the reasons why VCDC partnered with the company. Consunji is confident that VCDC can offer more sustainability to its valued clients and homeowners, making luxury sustainable living possible with less energy consumption possible.

“We are not only providing better lifestyles, but also a progressive future for the people and the environment,’’ he concludes.

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