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M Residences: The Future of Livable Homes

September 15, 2019

M Residences is out to change the way Filipino families live with its customisable townhouses. Real-estate scion Victor Consunji leads the emerging development with his knowledge, passion, and sharp business acumen

Choosing the right home, especially for those who are just starting a family, is a huge undertaking. It’s not just about finding a structure to live in but a place where a family unit can thrive and grow.

The exercise can be exciting yet intimidating, as there are a lot of considerations—space, design, cost, location, etc—to weigh in before any purchase is made. M Residences, a multiple location project under VConsunji Group, addresses these concerns to provide Filipino families their ideal home. Currently with two locations, Taguig and New Manila, and a third soon to rise in Capitol Hills, Quezon City, M Residences offers homebuyers ample choices.

Recognising a strong market in a generation that is just upping their living standards, Victor Consuji, CEO of the VConsunji Group, nurtures his vision of “creating a functional product that is accessible where families can comfortably live in.”

The VConsunji Group began as a construction company with a Php 40,000 capital and one concrete bagger mixer. The group’s first development was a landscaping job valued at Php 120,000. Gradually, Consunji acquired bigger projects, building high-end houses and hotels. Eventually, he learnt what the clients were looking for and applied these into the modern VConsunji Group and M Residences.

“I may carry the Consunji name, but I suddenly did not wake up and booked a P1 billion contract. We started as small as one can get,” recalls Consunji. “I had three employees who were my classmates in school. We got little jobs and it took a lot of years for us to build a reputation—even with a name.”

Consunji’s early exposure to the family business and his ambition to be an engineer at age 6 laid the foundation of the company. “My dad would take me to meetings where I’d sit and listen,” he says of his childhood. “I went to muddy construction sites, to a top of a building undergoing construction, through route tunnels, and site inspections—you name it. But this is the only way how you can get a feel of what’s going on.”

Among housing developers in Metro Manila, M Residences is the only construction brand that offers customisation platform, or townhouses that adjust to the buyer’s lifestyle. It takes pride in the fact that its units are functional and finished—with no renovations necessary. “When people visit the place, they are surprised to see that the lighting systems, fixtures, and plumbing are all taken care of. Even the air conditioning and appliance specs are pre-installed according to the buyer’s preference,” says Consunji.

As CEO and manager, Consunji takes the business of construction seriously. Keen on the market’s needs, he is on his toes to improve the firm by researching on innovative products: “We try to make our products as maintenance-free as possible. We reduce the amount of wood used. We make it fireproof and termite resistant, so it is environmentally friendly. And we take great effort to achieve these.”

M Residences was conceived based from Consunji’s experiences, but he used his family’s business as his working guide and blueprint. He also took into consideration the expertise of his wife, Maggie Wilson, the head interior designer of Casa Consunji. Each townhouse, measuring up to 180 to 400 square metres, has been designed to foster camaraderie. “I build units that are good enough for me and my family to stay in. I make sure it is up to our standards. Our clients will only buy our units once in their lifetime,” he says.

The young Consunji’s vision is supported by his family’s long-standing expertise in the construction field. But he adds more to the package, offering his clients financing options, a private contractor, and the solid background of a developer.


M Residences Showroom ; M Residences at Mahogany

Place 3. Acacia Estates, Taguig

M: +63 917 4193664


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