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VIE at Bali

Bali, Indonesia

Uluwatu, Cliffs


Uluwatu is where culture converge with nature. Relaxing with a constant wave of excitement from traditional to trendy, exhilarating to serene.

Perched on its majestic cliffs are Uluwatu Cliffs, contemporary villas with unobstructed views of the Indian Ocean.

Offering two styles of properties, each with their unique artistry and luxury. Masterpieces waiting to be called your own.

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Alya, meaning sky in Bahasa Indonesia, are mesmerizing cliffside villas with an unabated view of the ocean, the horizon, and the beach below.

Captivating you. Alya East and West greet you with cascading waterfall promenades dotted with floating trees that draw you in like a dream.

Connecting you. You’re always part of the fun in your connected kitchen-dining. So, you can cook satay and share laughs with guests.

Relaxing you. The master bedroom has its own glass balcony and overlooks the pool and the ocean out front. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face each morning.

Energizing you. How about your own private gym and play space? Carved off the cliff is a cool basement that you can turn into your special place.



Aminah, signifying trust and protection in Bahasa Indonesia, are amazing garden villas elevated 2.9 meters higher to provide an unobstructed view of the ocean.

Spectacular. Aminah East and West are villas so beautiful they deserve a grand entryway – a crescent bridge that ascends across a lush garden leading to the living space upstairs.

Soothing. On the ground level, guest bedrooms open into a saltwater pool. While upstairs, the master bedroom looks out into the infinity pool and ocean.

Joyful. Relish each moment from its vast living area with an open lanai and pool deck.

Aminah is a dream come true for cocooners in search of modern vibrance while being enveloped in serene environments.

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