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City Living, Without the Hassle

The quest for work/life balance is ferrying people towards city-based condo living where better transportation and proximity to work are supposed to make life easier. However, premium prices, dense communities, and the inflexibility of many apartments present major challenges for city dwellers.

M Residences takes a different approach. Rather than embed itself in the heart of the city, it lives on its periphery, providing residents with abundant personal space and freedom to enjoy life. All without sacrificing access to the city, so residents can experience the best of both worlds.


At M Residences, our homes are designed to grow with you, to expand based on your needs - like establishing a base to raise your family.

The community is designed to be safe, with like-minded people who share your core values.

The vision of M Residences is to be haven for families, a neighborhood for long, enjoyable years where memories last a lifetime.

For inquiries and viewing appointment please contact +63 917 4193 664

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